Excerpts from Kirkus Reviews, one of the World’s toughest book’s critics on Volume I, Part I of series, released on June 28th 2017:

GIOBAL ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS ON CLIMATE CHANGE Forest Protection/Wildfire Science Vol. 1 Part 1 Andreas Tertey Gboloo Mindstir Media (382 pp.) $69.99 paperback ISBN: 978-0-9983183-4-9; March 24, 2017 Released: June 26th, 2017 at 12.00noon

BOOK REVIEW BY: KIRKUS REVIEWS: “The World’s Toughest book critics” Founded in 1933

“An exhaustive guide to the management, suppression, and ecological significance of forest fires,”—Kirkus Reviews

“Debut author Gboloo begins the first installment in his four-volume series by outlining the destructiveness of global warming by the most recent scientific findings.” — Kirkus Reviews

“The link between climate change and forest fires is important.”—Kirkus Reviews

“Hotter temperatures can contribute to more fires, and the forests play a crucial role in rejuvenating ecologically embattled microclimates and absorbing carbon dioxide.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Also, the devastation wrought by forest fires is considerable, measurable in the loss not only of trees, but economic resources and human life.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Moreover, more than 80% of the world’s woodlands are vulnerable to fires.” ——Kirkus Reviews

“In some countries that lack of preparedness is a function of poverty, but in others, it’s the result of ignorance regarding forest-fire management.” —–Kirkus Reviews

“The author covers an extraordinary array of topics, including strategies for the prevention and suppression of wildfires, the causes of desertification, the salaries of fire wardens, and campfire safety.” ——Kirkus Reviews

“There is also a discussion of the evolution of forest management theory in the United States as well as the kinds of tree species that are the most fire resistant (palo verde, Chilean mesquite, willow acacia).” —–Kirkus Reviews

“The study uses charts, graphs, and photographs to illustrate the author’s points and opens with four forewords from prominent professionals from the forestry-and emergency management industries.” —-Kirkus Reviews

“Gboloo’s knowledge of the subject is impressively encyclopedic.”—Kirkus Review

“At one point, he provides an analysis of the management resource in the fire-prone states. Wildfire management is a multi-disciplinary affair, and the author expertly discusses the scientific, ecological and economic components of it.” — Kirkus Reviews

“This still remains a valuable resource for forestry professionals.”—Kirkus Reviews

“Remarkably comprehensive manual.”— Kirkus Reviews     

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