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Dr. Andreas Gboloo, Ed.D., M.Eng., M.Sc.

Dr. Gboloo (Gboloo pronounced with the “G” silent, so is pronounced “Bolu”) attended The Presbyterian Boys Secondary School and Sixth Form Science College, Legon, Accra, Ghana from 1975 to 1981. He completed his O’ Level, Ordinary Level Certificate in 1981 and then went on to Kings College, Lagos in Nigeria from 1981 to 1983 for the A’ Level, Advanced Level Certificate in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. He returned to Ghana to complete his Sixth Form National Service at the State Committee for Economic Cooperation, Office of the PNDC at the then State House, Osu, Accra from 1983 to 1984.

He won a scholarship tenable in Cuba to study for a bachelor’s degree in Forest Engineering at La Universidad Central de Pinar del Rio in Pinar del Rio Province, Cuba but had to Study one year of Spanish Language and Literature from 1984 to 1985. During the 1985 to 1986 academic year, he entered the school of engineering at Universidad de Pinar del Rio (University of Pinar del Rio) (and completed school in August 1990 a five-year program. He was awarded a master’s degree in Forest Engineering, with a “Titulo de Oro,” (Gold honors degree) that is equivalent to “magna cum laude”, and was one of four students out of 94 students in 1990 to obtain the “diploma de Oro” in Forest Engineering.

He returned to Ghana in 1992, two years short of obtaining his PhD in Forest Mechanical Engineering, this enabled him to return to Ghana and complete the doctoral program scholarship procedures at the Scholarship Secretariat in Accra, Ghana. When he returned to Ghana in 1992, he was sent to oversee forest protection engineering operations at one of Ghana’s largest sawmills in the Western Veneer and Lumber Company in Takoradi, in the Western Region of the country. Since the need for engineering management of the government corporation was a priority with an urgent demand by the PNDC government; he could not return for the doctoral program then. He was also seconded in 1993 as a United Nations consultant in Africa in the area of forest fire prevention and control. This role was what influenced his global perspective in environmental protection. This led to the presentation of his first manuscript for publication at the 23rd Session of the International Tropical Timber Council on December 6, 1997 in Yokohama, Japan.

Dr. Gboloo’s project Manuscript 16A/97, placed 16th among 150 of those competing worldwide. A panel comprised of 200 forestry experts, environmentalists, engineers and diplomats from 51 countries awarded him funding for his first publication.

This publication, Bushfire Prevention and Control: A Ghanaian Approach, is housed at the United States Library of Congress, in Washington D.C., and major U.S. universities, including Yale, Harvard, Stanford, New York, Michigan State University, Northwestern University, Illinois, University of Toronto and New York public libraries. The publication was the precursor to Building Capacity for Forest Fires (2000), a publication prepared for the (FAO) Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Forestry Department and other publications on forest fire prevention and control and its environmental impact.  His most recent manuscript is a compilation of many years of study and research in the area of global impact forest fire prevention and control; an attempt made to ameliorate the exacerbated state of the global environmental “climate change.”

Advancing his studies, Dr. Gboloo moved to the United States and completed a Master’s Degree in Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing in Forestry from Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in 2004. At Southern University, he completed graduate school with Master’s Degree level classes in Computer Science prior to his Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing in Forestry. He also worked on Software Engineering, Computer Programming and Data Networks, all of which he completed and passed with at least a B Grade.

In 2000, he presented his 1990-1992 partly completed Ph.D. Dissertation in Forest Mechanical Engineering to La Universidad de Ciencias Pedagogicas de Pinar del Rio, in Cuba (The University of Teaching Sciences of Pinar del Rio, Cuba). The dissertation title defended entitled, “Ambiguity Aversion in Energy Efficient Investment Decisions in Forest Tractors, with Mathematical Synchronization” was brilliantly Analyzed with mathematical and statistical models in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Science Education department. Both advanced degrees were approved. Gboloo was awarded a doctoral degree in Mathematics and Science Education in 2000.

Dr Gboloo is currently a Louisiana Department of Education High School Certified Math and Science teacher with The East Baton Rouge Parish School System, U.S.A

Dr. Gboloo is fluent in Spanish, Portuguese and five other dialects from his home country, Ghana in West Africa. He has been married to Ruby Gboloo for seventeen years, and they are the parents of three daughters:  Chrismry- Shadeyo, and identical twins, Akweley- Chrisann and Akwokor-Chrislyn. 

His motto in life: It is natural to be challenged, but it is unscriptural to be defeated: Meaning as steadfast as one stands in times of challenges, In Jesus Name! Those challenges will be behind you.

He is most grateful to God Jehovah for letting him have the opportunity of healthy-life and the happiness that his family brings to him daily.

He dedicates this manual to his grandparents, all of blessed memory Rev. David Andrews Konotey-Ahulu (1902-1980) who always “believed in him” even in times of adversity: The secret in life is focusing all one does and getting less distracted from your God given destiny. To the memory of his grandmother of blessed memory, Mrs. Christiana Mamle Okleyo Konotey-Ahulu, both grand-parents were very instrumental in his formative years, because his mother went to Training College when he was born leaving him to the grandparents and coming for him 5 years later. Grandma always encouraged him with the Bible verse, “I can do all things, through Christ Jesus who strengthens me”. She was a tower of “wisdom.”

To his dearest wife, Mrs. Ruby Adwoa Gboloo who has been the spiritual rock of confidence, full of wisdom and a tremendous help for the family. To our sweetest hard-working girls, hrismry Shadeyo, and the twin girls Akweley Chrisann and Akworkor Chrislyn who have always made him the self-confidence and self-assurance of personality that he has today, giving him thumbs-up for starting and writing this voluminous manual on the environment.

His father, Mr. David Kwame Gboloo of blessed memory will never be forgotten for shaping his perspective to focusing and paying attention to education, which was key to his producing this exhaustive encyclopedic manual, and mother Mrs. Gritty M. D. Gboloo whose tireless effort and support of our daddy got us this far in life academically. And to my fiercest academic competitors in the School of Engineering, at La Universidad de Pinar del Rio, faculty of forest engineering, out of that competition, we all ended up obtaining:

“Titulo de Oro” Gold Honors: “Cum laude” in 1990.
*Maximo Gomez of the Province of Sancti- Spiritus, Cuba: GPA: 4.92(summa cum laude)
*Julio Hernandez of Santiago de Cuba, Cuba GPA: 4.83(magna cum laude)
*Simon Luis Angulile of Tanzania, East Africa GPA: 4.75(magna cum laude)
*Andreas Tertey-Osibo Gboloo, Ghana, West Africa: 4.75(magna cum laude)
Note: -An average of 4.75 over 5.00 grade point means 95% overall average in the school of engineering. 

  1. ANDREAS GBOLOO; M. Eng, M.Sc, Ed.D

Dr Gboloo is currently a Louisiana Department of Education High School Certified Math and Science teacher with The East Baton Rouge Parish School System, U.S.A.

Motto: – It is natural to be challenged in life, but it is unscriptural to be defeated; since life is a journey and not a destination.

“My Strongest Beliefs and Spiritual Omen in Life”

I was academically dormant (academically asleep) from kindergarten through 12 grade and in Ghana, class one through Upper Six. However, in the College of Engineering,  it had taken me six took to be very fluent in Spanish in Cuba, then went on to apply Spanish learned in six months to come out with a “magna cum laude”, meaning an academic average of 4.75 over the 5.00 grade point, representing 95% in 60 engineering courses in 5 ½ years. This represented 4% tops of my engineering class, a rare academic feat for even the best students who came out of Upper Six with the best Advanced Level Science grades. In short, regardless of what grades one obtains from high-school, to graduate with a magna or summa cum laude from college is difficult to accomplish. It takes more than academic intelligence to graduate with an overall 95% average or with a 4.75 grade point average (gpa) of a 5-point gpa.   This is where my self- confidence and self- assurance mind set and spirit was founded.

Talent, intelligence, hard-work alone, nor good-looks does not determine how successful one is. In life it takes, perseverance, determination and effort to be “gritty” and with the hard work, the mercy and favor of God, those efforts will grace one’s commitments to follow through to the end of a vison. This is what determines “Your intelligence can take you a bit far, but to be gritty means running the marathon of life with a self- determined “growth mindset”, in thick and in thin.

Very few people are academically dormant from Kindergarten through 12 grades, and in Africa, (Primary Class 1 through Upper Six: Advanced Level) then go on to college and finish an engineering program with an average of 95% (magna cum laude), considering the fact that I studied Spanish in the shortest period, then applied the language to achieve that academic feat, without “grit” will have been impossible. I never saw failure as an end of life.

The passion of “endurance” is the key to be successful.
“Power to last and to withstand hard wear in life” and the power to put up, is what makes me proud of this work.   

Dr.  Andreas Tertey Gboloo; M.Eng; M.Sc.; Ed.D graduated from the school of engineering with a B.Sc (magna cum laude); M.Eng in 1990, presented in a forest civil engineering thesis, entitled forest drainage systems management, focusing on strength of materials’ concepts in building forest bridges at La Universidad de Pinar del Rio in Cuba.

From 1990 to 1992, he decided to work on his Ph.D
In 2000, he presented  his partly completed Ph.D work from at La Universidad de Pinar del Rio in Cuba from 1990 to 1992, with  a  forest mechanical engineering dissertation defense presentation topic entitled, “Ambiguity Aversion in Energy Efficient Investment Decisions in Forest Tractors, with Mathematical  Synchronizations” which was brilliantly analyzed with mathematical and statistical models presented to the department of Applied Mathematics and Science Education Department at La Universidad de Ciencias Pedagogicas de Pinar del Rio in Cuba. Both Advanced degrees were approved and Gboloo was awarded a doctoral degree in Applied Mathematics and Science Education in May, 2000.

Dr. Gboloo has worked with the United Nations Food and Agriculture before being asked by the government of Ghana to come down and complete necessary scholarship paperwork at the Scholarship Secretariat in Accra, Ghana. Upon arriving in Ghana, the PNDC government asked him to fill a vacant post at the Western Veneer and Lumber Company, a senior production engineering position for national service.

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